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Bearing Industry

To support the development and production of  

Bearing Industry

Mitutoyo provides the best measuring solutions for managing the quality of bearings

As essential components for supporting sophisticated technologies, bearings are used in a wide range of fields, such as machine tools, robots, home appliances, machines, automobiles, trains, gages, power generators, and ships. Bearings support the rotating parts of machines and reduce friction during rotation to minimize loss of power in the drive train while ensuring maximum service life and rotational integrity. Since the accuracy required of bearing rolling elements is now on the level of nanometers (nm), needs for technologies to measure rolling elements are ever increasing. Mitutoyo has outstanding solutions that meet the needs for high-accuracy measurement of bearings. This catalog gives an introduction to high-accuracy measuring machines for the bearing industry from a lineup of more than 5,500 precision measuring machines by Mitutoyo.

Support & Development and Production of Bearing Industry        
by Mitutoyo Measuring Equipments


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Contact rolling bearing elements come in a variety of different shapes, the running performance and noise generation of bearings is mainly dependent on the precision of the rolling elements.

Mitutoyo Formtracer Avant combines measurement of Surface Roughness, Speherical Roughness and Roughness Depth into 1 machine which can lead to increased work efficiency by automatically completing a full measurement cycle of stylus contact, measurement, stylus retraction and detector auto return from just one button push.


Featured Measuring Product:

FORMTRACER Avant Series FTA-S3000

  • Surface Roughness Measuring Systems





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Bearings consist of three parts: the inner ring, outer ring, and balls. Balls are sandwiched between the inner ring and outer ring. If any of the parts is uneven or distorted even by 1 Sub micron , the bearing will not rotate smoothly.

A dual-role CNC measuring machine, this allows the roughness detector to be replaced with the contour detector and vice versa to measure both roughness and contours.


Featured Measuring Product:

CNC Surface Roughness / Contour Measuring Instrument: SV-C4500CNC

  • Contour and Surface Roughness Measuring Systems





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